Art A Day for 365 - Days 1 & 2

I have been inspired by this video that was in my YouTube feed. I am committing today to 1 drawing (or medium of my choice) a day for 365 days. I want to expand my creativity and improve my skills. I've been "out of the loop" for so long I feel this will help me get back in the groove. For the month of February I am going to explore my FAVORITE shape, HEARTS and "Love," one of my FAVORITE subjects! <3 I wasn't able to get started until today, so I've done 2 to make up for yesterday. I am open to critique. Some of these may be quick drawings, some I may actually get to spend some time on. As I have 2 little kids here at home... it all depends on what the Universe decides to grant me each day. :) I welcome critique, comments and input. Please keep it constructive. :) THANKS!

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