Art A Day for 365 - Day 4 - Queen of Hearts

This is my beautiful Friend Amber Nichol. She is such an amazing woman, spirit, friend. She is a warrior for The Arts and as I was trying to figure out what heart, or love-related thing to create for Day 4, the idea of The Queen of Hearts came to mind and IMMEDIATELY her face popped into my head. :)

My hubby gave me several hours to work on this (by taking care of our two young kiddos for me), but I still wasn't able to get it totally completed by the end of the day. However, I am very pleased with how far I got and the fact that I was able to make it resemble Amber.

I am going to call it a WIP (Work In Progress) for now and do some more work on it later. The whole point of my Art A Day for 365 is to practice and improve my skills, receive feedback and grow my creative toolbox. So even if it's not finished... I would say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Every single piece is a lesson in some way. I REALLY struggled with skin tones at times and I have a REALLY hard time starting off "loose." I get WAY too detailed in the beginning, when I should just be laying out shapes and darks and lights.

I really like where this is going. So I intend to work on it some more as I have time. :)

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