Art A Day for 365 - Day 9 Vortex of Love & Her Tribe is Love

Not every experiment is a screaming success.... LOL! I don't know that I will finish either of these... I was playing with a few ideas and experimenting with colors and textures. I did an underpainting of Vortex of Love in burnt sienna... it isn't exactly what I expected. I don't have any acrylic medium so I used glue... kind of a weird result. I may actually do some more work on Her Tribe is Love. She's wearing a great big headdress and it's supposed to have hearts on the headband, but I wasn't able to get that far. Needless to say... there's no such thing as a FAILED experiment... because everything increases my learning curve and adds tools to my toolbox! I had FUN and that's the most important part! <3 Thanks for looking! Please comment and critique!

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