Day 10 - A whole lotta nada... :)

Yup... it's been 6 days since I posted anything... as you can imagine, life with 2 little kids can be quite hectic. Especially during mile-stones, like rolling over, or growth spurts which mean CONSTANT feedings and fussiness. :) I've still been doodling and I have TONS of ideas... I just haven't had a chance to really execute them. I'm dabbling still... though I don't have anything I'm super happy with.

This was an experiment with a potato stamp I made and acrylic paint. Didn't exactly turn out as I wanted and to be honest... I spent maybe 10 minutes playing with it, before I had to tend to my kids... I will probably just white wash this and use the canvas for something new.

This is a concept I am going to move forward on... though perhaps not with this particular image.... In fact.... this canvas is one I painted over twice this past week... this is just the latest layer... this is the "Vortex of Hearts" that I wasn't crazy about, so I scrapped it and started something else... which I was ALSO not happy with. Oh well... learn, learn, learn.

This is a quick sketch I did on our grocery list tablet... it sort of goes along with the concept above... but a little more detailed. Life gets busy. But I shall pursue my passion regardless! Even if I must take breaks in between. :) Please comment and critique! Thank you! <3

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